Why Is Wind Essential For Zero Emissions?

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (NIcholas Doherty)

Wind is essential for our zero emissions future because it is a clean fuel energy source, is cost-effective, and can be built on existing farms or land or offshore. Oh, yeah — it’s renewable and infinite, too.

When humans moved from a nomadic to agricultural existence, few asked, “Why is wind important?” That’s because early farmers knew that windmills could pump water from streams and tributaries to irrigate their crops. They already understood that wind was an important element of their renewable energy toolkits.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and wind has risen to the top of the renewable energy mix. Vestas, the Danish wind turbine company, has developed a new offshore wind turbine designed specifically for use in typhoon-prone areas. The company’s V236-15.0 MW will produce 15 megawatts of electricity — the highest output of any offshore wind turbine in the world. The next closest is the GE Haliade X-13, which will be installed in the UK’s Dogger Bank offshore wind project in the North Sea.

In the US, the Biden administration announced this month a plan to expand the use of offshore wind power along the US East Coast, with the goal to tap this substantial new source of renewable energy. The plan sets a goal of deploying 30.000 megawatts of offshore wind turbines in coastal waters nationwide by 2030, enough to power 10 million homes.

To help meet that target, the administration said it would accelerate permitting of projects off the Atlantic Coast and prepare to open up waters near New York and New Jersey for development. The endeavor contains 3 billion dollars in federal loan guarantees for offshore wind projects and invest in upgrading the nation’s ports to support wind construction.

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Source: Clean Technica