Wind Farm Crni Vrh Worth EUR 100 Million One Step Closer To Construction

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Appolinary Kalashnikova)

The wind farm Crni Vrh, which will be located on the tripoint between Zagubica, Bor and Majdanpek, is a step closer to construction. The carrier of the project, “CRNI VRH POWER” d.o.o. Zagubica, has filed the request for giving approval for the Study of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project for the Construction of the Wind Farm “VE Crni Vrh” to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The wind farm will be built on cadaster parcels in the territory of the city of Bor, KO Zagubica and KO Laznica-Seliste in the territory of the municipality of Zagubica and KO Vlaole in the territory of the municipality of Majdanpek.

As announced earlier, the value of this local investment in the wind farm is estimated at around EUR 100 million. The installation of 32 wind generators – 11 in the territory of Bor, 4 in the territory of Majdanpek and 17 in the territory of Zagubica – is planned within the wind farm area.

In the past years, Bor has been interesting to investors in wind farms. At a recent session of the City Council of Bor, the draft decision on the preparation of the detailed regulation plan of the area of the wind farm Snaga Istoka, in the territory of the city, was adopted unanimously. As announced on the city’s website, the wind farm will spread along the stretch of Veliki Krs, Stol Mountain and Deli Jovan “with a power of 450 megawatt-hours”. The deadline for the preparation of the plan is one year.

Source: eKapija