With the Power of Nature to a Better Life

Photo: Belgrade Fair

16 th International Energy Fair, which is being held at the Belgrade Fair from the 23 rd to the 25 th of November, comes at a time of deep and global energy crisis, which takes its toll on both the regional and local level. In the circumstances of the world brought upon by the pandemic of COVID-19, Energy 2021 represents a regional link which connects all our obligations, needs and possibilities in terms of supplying the highest quality and cleanest energy possible, with the least possible damage to the environment and ourselves.

The Energy Fair, which is considered the largest and most respectable annual regional get together of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in sectors of electricity, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy, energy efficiency and mining, for over 15 years, gathers the most notable domestic firms, institutions and organizations, but also eminent foreign companies, around the visions, plans and projects primarily regarding the energy sector of the Republic of Serbia.

In the sense of current capital projects in the sector of gas, revitalizations and restructurings of capacity in the sectors of fossil fuels, this representative specialized exhibition, this year especially emphasizes renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency.

In both its segments, exhibition and conference, the Energy Fair 2021 systematically includes all thematic sublevels – from scientific research, through manufacturing and exploitation, to enrichment, distribution, transport, storage or direct usage of natural resources.

Its market character is also unavoidable, that is, the opportunity for investors, producers of equipment, resources administration, financial institution, local government and other important agents to present themselves and connect, which add to the stability and affirmation of this economic sector which is of life importance.

Photo: Belgrade Fair

Under the common umbrella slogan “Power of Nature”, at the same time and place, from the 23 rd to the 25 th of November, the 17 th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection – EcoFair will be held, dedicated to the system and mechanism of protection of the environment, with a special emphasis on green economy, industry, recycling, renewable energy and waste management.

As the biggest and most representable gathering of its kind in this part of Europe, EcoFair tends to present ecology as a lifestyle and to address from that point of view all factors which have a crucial influence in this area – economy, educational and media sphere and the civil sector.

That is why its exhibition and conference program encompasses all segments of environmental protection: land, air, water, natural resources, recycling, ecological service market, local government, utility equipment, non-government sector which deals with environmental protection…

The Patrons of the Energy Fair and Ecology Fair are the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Serbia.

Finally, at the same place and time, the 42 nd International Fair of Prevention and Response in Emergencies and Occupational Safety and Health – 112 Expo will be held, which deals with protection from fires, floods, earthquakes, chemical accidents, injuries at work, emergency response, safety and health at work.

The interest of foreign firms for the Energy Fair is interesting enough, specifically firms from the region for the 112 Expo, greater than it was in 2019. Here’s a reason to check why.

Source: Belgrade Fair