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World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5, which triggers conversations at the global level about the need to preserve the health of our planet Earth. Recognition of this day was initiated by The United Nations, and it is celebrated as such in over 140 countries.

It was first established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 after the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, and since 1974 it has been celebrated with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues, as well as encouraging political actions on this topic.

The global commemoration is anchored each year around a unique theme, which focuses on a particular concern for the environment – ​​for example, in 2021 the theme was “Ecosystem Restoration”. A certain country is the host every year, and it takes a leading role in organizing the event. This year it is Côte d’Ivoire, and the main topic on June 5, 2023 is “Solutions to plastic pollution”. 


On the occasion of this day, the “Fair of Green Ideas, Projects and Innovations” is being held in Serbia. The best projects for the green transformation of the Serbian economy and society will be presented at the “Cvijeta Zuzorić” Art Pavilion at Kalemegdan. Also, three panel discussions related to the implementation of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans in Serbia will be held as part of this fair.

Foto-ilustracija: Pixabay

The environment includes everything – from tiny microorganisms to tall mountains, from the great oceans to the vast deserts, from the canopy of tropical rain forests to the polar ice caps. The environment is the sum of our planet’s ecosystems, which provide resources for every form of life, influencing the global climate and enabling the overall survival of the Earth.

However, in the face of rapid technological progress and increasing human activities, the environment is threatened, and it is not surprising that every year a global conversation must be held on the topics of environmental challenges. Degradation of ecosystems, extinction of species, climate change, pollution, deforestation and other environmental problems are creating more and more serious consequences that leave their mark more and more quickly. This represents a significant challenge for the common future of humanity, making environmental protection a priority.

A wide range of activities and strategies is inevitable to make this day in the calendar meaningful. Reducing carbon emissions, controlling pollution, preserving biodiversity, promoting sustainable use of resources, driving electric cars, bicycles, scooters, heating systems based on renewable energy, recycling, better waste management, solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy are all part of the solution. By protecting our environment, we will not only ensure the survival of countless species, but also our own survival as a species.

Milica Vučković