Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau)

World Water Day is marked every March 22 and this year’s theme is “Water for Peace”. More specifically, the theme aims to highlight the key role of transborder water cooperation in fostering peace and sustainable development.

Data show that transborder waters account for 60 percent of the world’s total freshwater. Fostering the development of such cooperation is important because of the 153 countries that share transborder waters, only 24 have cooperation agreements.

In celebration of World Water Day, events are taking place worldwide, with the central event to be held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, with live online transmission – available here. The UN Report on the development of water in 2024 titled “Water for Prosperity and Peace” will be presented at the event. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall status, use and management of the world’s freshwater resources. It aims to provide tools for decision-makers so they can better formulate and implement sustainable policies.


As with other basic natural resources that are essential to the living world, pollution, scarcity or poor access to water can cause unrest in the world. Various environmental problems, such as pollution, climate change and global warming, as well as the growth of the world’s population further exacerbate the aforementioned problems, which is why urgent joint action is needed.

According to relevant reports, over two billion people do not have access to safe water.

Next year, on World Water Day, the plan is to focus on glaciers. The 2023 theme of World Water Day was „Accelerating Change”, while the year before the focus was groundwater. The day dedicated to water has been officially celebrated since 1993 by the United Nations and the first theme, marked in 1994, was “Water Resources is Everybody’s Business”.

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