500,000 Euros EIB Grant to Ensure Sustainable Urban Mobility in Niš, Serbia

Photo-illustation: Unsplash (Pau Casals)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) – the lending arm of the EU – has signed a cooperation agreement with the City of Niš in Serbia to finance the preparation of a sustainable urban mobility plan, enabling the city to make informed investment decisions concerning its transport network.

By taking into account existing travel patterns, development trends and the municipality’s strategic planning objectives, the sustainable urban mobility plan will help ensure that investments are optimized to provide efficient, safe, convenient and less carbon-reliant mobility.

Technical assistance will enable the City of Niš to explore opportunities created by the future removal of freight traffic from the existing inter-urban railway corridor crossing the city.

The sustainable urban mobility plan and the investments it will generate will help Niš to grow, supported by a high-quality, well-integrated transport network, thus enhancing the appeal of the city as a place to live and invest in.

Technical assistance is being provided under Team Europe and the joint Urban Projects Finance Initiative between the EIB and Agence Française de Développement (AFD), launched to support ambitious urban development projects.

Source: WeBalkans