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The Italian company Boffetti has been in business since 1982, and their long standing experience allows them to be involved today in every phase of the energy projects. With Edoardo Boffetti, the Sales and marketing engineer at this company, we talked about the long way they have come from manufacturing switchboard and other apparatus to engineering and commissioning various plants on land and at the sea, while using renewable energy sources and smart networks.

EP: You can offer everything for the implementation of one project. What does that include exactly? 

Edoardo Boffetti: We can provide development of technical solutions, conceptual design, then we can deliver the equipment, place fixtures, do the commissioning and further maintenance. As you can see, when you rely on one company to do all the work, that means that the project finish line will be reached sooner and the desirable outcome more attainable. 

EP: In the manufacturing sector, there is also wide production range?

Edoardo Boffetti: Yes. Since 2007, we have been applying acquired knowledge in production too, such as switchboards, apparatus, components for electricity distribution and numerous other products. We have developed different variety of products to cover all the functions required by modern electrical and industrial systems. The products are also certified by independent bodies (CESI, ACAE, SGS) which are in line with IEC standards. 

EP: How do you apply the circular economy principles? 

Edoardo Boffetti: The biggest advantage of our products is their design which allows easy disassembling at the end of their lifespan, enabling for each one of their components to be fully recycled afterwards. All materials are catalogued according to their ecological impact in order to facilitate collection, recycling, decontamination and transfer to specialized and certified companies. Finally, I have to point out that all our products are designed and made completely in our production facility in Italy. However, through our sales and service network we are present in the markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.


EP: How does that path from an idea to project implementation look like?

Photo: Boffetti

Edoardo Boffetti: Primarily, we offer technical consultancy, then we set out to make the best solution, with economic estimation of supply. After that, we get down to integration of products and equipment, make analysis of the project development and workflow, and right at the end we deal with commissioning and plant certification. For numerous clients we have done engineering of the big, complex facilities, building electric and instrumental plants, providing support, organization of expert teams and specialized technicians, procurement of main material and equipment, technology integration and training the operators. We are especially proud of being able to offer specific projects at land and at the sea, as well as in potentially explosive hazardous areas, thanks to our well-trained and certified personnel. Additionally, we provide global service which is available to our clients 24 hours a day. It includes plant maintenance, activities in state of emergency, support through installation phase, commissioning or fault-free operation and continuity of service.

EP: Have you already been involved in project in renewable energy sources?

Edoardo Boffetti: We are witnessing continually high demand for electric energy. We are aware that it is necessary to integrate as much as possible renewable energy sources into the electrical distribution network. I say, if we want to generate an amount of electric energy to meet all our needs while at the same time reduce its negative impact on the environment, we must produce electric energy from renewable energy sources as much as we can. Thanks to decades-long experience in distribution networks construction, we have the skills and abilities to make the complete facilities which balance production and consumption of electric energy in a flexible manner. We were involved in the projects for smart networks development that aimed to increase the energy share coming from renewable energy sources that are delivered to the grid. Also, we built two solar power plants for supplying our facilities with electric energy, in Chignolo d’Isola and Bonate Sotto (BG) with a respective capacity of 200 kWp and 1 MWp.

Interviewed by: Nevena Đukić

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