C&A Buttons Up ‘World’s Most Sustainable Jeans’

Sustainable fashion brand C&A claims it has created the world’s most environmentally-friendly jeans.

Photo: C&A

Produced in compliance with non-profit Cradle to Cradle’s top level of green certification, the company says every aspect of the denim garments is sourced sustainably, down to the buttons, dyes and fibres used to make them.

C&A suggests some elements, such as the lining material or sewing thread, had to be completely redeveloped in its goal to create a pair of “infinitely recyclable” jeans.

It maintains every supplier and factory involved went through a thorough selection process, with materials being tested and certified not only for their environmental credentials but also with regards to good working conditions and sustainable forms of labour.

Jeffrey Hogue, C&A’s Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “All of the components have been successfully optimised to make sure that only non-toxic materials are used.

“During the process, only renewable energy and high social standards were applied, leading to a product that is designed for its next life.”

Source: Energy Live News