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The issue of electromobility in Serbia is becoming more and more topical, and there are more and more electric vehicles in traffic. Experts in this field expect around 4,000 electric cars to be registered in our country in the coming year, but this is still a small number to discuss the market for these vehicles.

On the other hand, the leaders of the company Charge&GO are working hard to develop electromobility in our country and expand their network of chargers. The plans for the next year are ready and written in detail. The beginning of January will mark the expansion to the Macedonian market, then to the territories of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many chargers are ready for the entire area of North Macedonia, and the company will announce the exact locations soon.

Along with the expansion of the network of chargers in the company Charge&GO, they are working hard on perfecting the application that is available for IOS and Android phones. All users of this application can easily see the entire list of chargers in their country, as well as in the countries of the region and the whole of Europe. The process of using the application is completely simplified. The plan is to add a favorite charger section, making charging easier for users. They will no longer have to search for chargers, but with one click, they will choose one of the chargers that suit them best and that they have saved in the application.


Twenty-four-hour customer support is available from November 21 for users with any problems while charging or registering. If a customer needs immediate on-site support, whether it’s a question about using a charger or they need help registering or downloading an app, customer support is there for customers at any time of the day or night to solve a problem or provide advice. If a more detailed answer is needed, the case is forwarded to another department, and the client receives the answer the next day.

Photo: Charge&GO

The Charge&GO application works according to the prepaid and postpaid system, depending on the client’s choice. Suppose the user of the network registers as a legal entity until the end of the current year. In that case, he has at his disposal a free charger visibility service abroad through the Charge&GO application, while charging is charged at the prices that are more common in the country where the charger is used.

To influence the increase of electromobility, the company plans to enable individuals to charge their vehicles abroad as well. From February 2024, anyone who plans to travel abroad with an electric car will have the opportunity to sign a postpaid service contract and will have the opportunity to use roaming charging services. This practically means that during the period spent abroad, he will be able to charge his car at any charger and pay the bill for these services at the end of the month. An application will not even be needed for abroad; it is possible to use an RFID card after crossing the border, with which vehicles can be charged at almost 400,000 chargers of the largest European e-roaming network.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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