China Anti-Subsidy Investigation: Provisional Duties

Foto-ilustracija: Pixabay

ACEA takes note that the European Commission has decided to impose provisional countervailing duties on imports of electric cars manufactured in China, based on initial findings of an anti-subsidy investigation initiated last year.

ACEA has consistently affirmed that free and fair trade is essential in creating a globally competitive European automotive industry, while healthy competition drives innovation and choice for consumers.

Free and fair trade means guaranteeing a level playing field for all competitors, but it is just one important part of the global competitiveness puzzle.


“What the European automotive sector needs above all else to be globally competitive is a robust industrial strategy for electromobility,” stated ACEA Director General, Sigrid de Vries. “This means ensuring access to critical materials and affordable energy, a coherent regulatory framework, sufficient charging and hydrogen refilling infrastructure, market incentives, and so much more.”

The investigation will continue for several months until the Commission decides whether to propose definitive anti-subsidy measures. Member states will then vote on such a proposal.

Source: ACEA