Cosmetics with a splash of nature

Photo: Royal Balm

The cosmetics industry imposes new beauty standards on the consumer society in order to then compete with their competitors in fulfilling these new and imposed demands of the same society. In this vicious circle, the true value of beauty imbued with health has been dropped somewhere, just like its prerequisite – a healthy nature. In the catalogue of aesthetic brands, one cosmetic brand with a generous splash of health and nature stands out with its bright green frame – Royal Balm. With knowledge, love and the support of her lifelong companion, Katarina Milosavljević harvests the fruits of the Rtanj Mountain, processes them and brings them to our homes.

The decision to embark on production was inspired by the desire to find the right natural cosmetics for herself and her family. Ten years ago, the market offer was inadequate, to say the least, and the products called “natural“ had very poor composition. Encouraged by this, Katarina started searching for oils that would improve the quality of cosmetic products.


From early childhood, she learned from her grandmother about medicinal plants, which eventually became her love and hobby. This opportunity to absorb knowledge from a young age proved to be very important to her because, as she says, it is not easy for a city dweller to become a farmer as well, as these skills are acquired throughout life, and children learn them from birth.

However, it took her a lot of patience and effort to upgrade and perfect the basic knowledge – learning everything about the care of each plant her family grows. An additional challenge was to find top-quality, clean ingredients.

Photo: Royal Balm

When she started this search, she realized that the best solution was to find land where they could plant plants themselves and get the best quality raw materials from them.

Today, their plantation spans two hectares of land, where they grow immortelle, lavender, yarrow, sage, St. John’s Wort, calendula, and comfrey. At the same time, they are thinking about growing a new type of plant species that will greatly contribute to their skincare line. The production also involves cold-pressed organic oil, which they do not produce but procure from verified producers.

Explaining the production process, Katarina says that it takes time and a lot of effort. Part of the plants are distilled, and the other part is crushed, followed by extraction in cold-pressed oil. Then comes straining and filtering the oils after maceration, and only then are they ready for use and product preparation.

The Royal Balm brand offers five types of moisturizers divided according to skin type and three types of serums and tonics. Furthermore, they produce five types of hydrolats, four essential oils, two special oils and seven salves. Due to the content of essential oils, Royal Balm cosmetics also have aromatherapeutic properties. Thanks to a diverse combination of ingredients, each product has a special herbal scent, so using perfumes in the composition is unnecessary.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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