Delta Inzenjering

Foto: Delta inženjering

Twenty-nine years of successful work and personnel profile of the company make Delta inzenjering an indispensable partner of the largest economic system in Serbia, such as NIS, EPS, Zelezara Smederevo, RTB Bor. Great experience on greenfield projects has created for Delta inzenjering cooperation with companies such as Henkel, Husqvarna, Volvo, Alumil and Ice cream factory Delta – today Nestle. By engaging in a number of responsible jobs, achieved with enviable results, as well as with great expertise and responsibility, Delta inzenjering became a leader in the field of industrial engineering.

The main activities of Delta inzenjering are design, engineering, construction, and consulting. It is a company with 120 employees, out of which 70 are licensed engineers. The aim of Delta inzenjering is to provide the customers with a complete service – from obtaining necessary documentation, through the preparation of project documentation, to the execution of works and providing the use permit. In order to achieve this goal, there are two other companies in the Delta group, Delta preving is engaged in the fire protection design, and Anakvadrat plus in engineering.

Since Delta inzenjering is engaged in a number of significant projects, it is hard to list them all. We will only mention the most important ones.

One of the big investors is most certainly EPS. Delta inzenjering is running the consortium project and organizing the preparation of the technical documentation needed for the legalization of the facilities of the Kostolac B thermal power plant. Also, for EPS, Delta inzenjering and DTM Consulting from Essen were selected as FIDIC engineer to build a new VI excavator – transporter – sludge system (BTO system) of the Drmno mine. In RB Kolubara – Lazarevac, the testing of the steel structure of the construction facilities for the coal preparation –coal grinding mill on the plant Tamnava istocno polje.

Of all current projects, the project for flue gas desulphurisation in TENT A3-A6 should be mentioned. After many years of efforts to solve the problem of flue gas desulphurisation in TENT A, in

Foto: Delta inženjering

September last year, an agreement between EPS and Mitshubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS). MHPS company will build a flue gas desulphurisation plant in TENT Nikola Tesla A in Serbia. This project should enable the reduction of sulfur dioxide emission and solid particles from TENT and allow our country to reach EU standards in the field of environment. The project will be implemented by a consortium run by MHSP. The consortium consists of Itochu Corporation and our construction company MPP Jedinstvo Ltd. Delta inzenjering has signed a contract with MPP Jedinstvo in the preparation of the necessary technical documentation for the project implementation and obtaining all necessary building permits.

Delta inzenjering has developed the technical documentation required for the legalization of the facilities of warehouses for the oil derivates belonging to the NIS Blok promet. In December last

year, a contract was signed with NIS Naftagas – Technical Services in Zrenjanin on the adaptation of the administrative building and project bureau, which is located within the same complex.

At the end of last year, Delta inzenjering continued its successful, long-lasting partnership with a producer of aluminum profiles, Alumil from Greece. In the final phase of the project implementation, Delta inzerening is the key to the upgrade of the aluminum anodizing plant.

The company is engaged in the field of ecology and environmental protection. One of the most important tasks is the development of a project for water treatment and recycling of wastewater within the Grundfos Srbija in Indjija, a plant for the production of pumps and pressure boosting devices. In the Drenik ND factory, the largest manufacturer of paper confectionery, Delta inzenjering is engaged in the preparation of project documentation and the execution of works on the wastewater treatment plant.

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