Earth Hour – A Moment for Solidarity

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Every year, at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, millions of people across the world show their support for our planet, raising awareness of nature loss and climate change—the two biggest threats facing our shared planet.

But this year, Earth hour is taking place at an incredibly challenging time. In the midst of uncertainty, Earth Hour offers a moment for solidarity, the opportunity to come together and look after each other and the one home we all share. Earth Hour is more than a symbol, it is a catalyst for change.

Everyone has the power to shape our future.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to conserve energy and a host of other actions you can take to help save our planet.

Additionally, you can tune into the Earth Hour 2021 guided meditation, led by Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, at any time to continue to practice mindfulness and gratitude for nature.

Source: WWF