Free Ride With ProCredit Bank – Regional Charger Network is Expanding

Photo: ProCredit

For Serbia, it is often true that it is “lagging behind the world”, but in this case, it is not so because in our country, there is a support system for the purchase of electric and hybrid cars. Thanks to the state’s incentives, there are more than four hundred electric cars and about 5,000 hybrid cars on the streets of our country.

When we talk about electric cars, many people focus on the fact that these vehicles do not emit any harmful gases. In addition, these cars are very easy to maintain, and maintenance costs are very low.

Despite all the advantages that electric cars bring, it is necessary to develop a good network of chargers for “e-powered driving” to come to life in this area fully. Fortunately for e-powered drivers, there are more and more publicly available chargers that can charge the batteries of these cars.

It seems that the future brings us the fact that we will have the opportunity to replenish the car at every step during the completion of daily obligations, such as going shopping or to the bank. ProCredit Bank has paid special attention to that. Drivers of electric cars can charge their four-wheelers on chargers that are installed in the parking lots of the bank’s branches.

Until recently, ProCredit Bank has had fifteen chargers which are strategically placed in eight cities: Subotica, Sombor, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pančevo, Kragujevac, Čačak and Niš. They are located in front of Zone 24/7 of this bank.

The bank’s leaders realized that it was necessary to expand the network. So, at the beginning of this year, 27 new chargers were installed in busy places and near major roads and highways so that they would be easily accessible.

New chargers have been installed in Subotica, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zlatibor, Šabac, Kragujevac, Sokobanja, Niš, Kruševac and Prokuplje. The complete network of these chargers will soon be available to drivers on ProCredit Electric Stations application.

At the level of the ProCredit Group in ten European countries during 2022, a total of three hundred chargers for electric cars will be installed, the use of which is completely free. ProCredit Bank is the first large buyer of green electricity in Serbia. Still, it is also the first domestic company to receive a guarantee of the origin of EPS that the electricity they consume is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources.

“Our citizens who drive an electric car will be able to cross long distances without any problems and recharge their vehicle battery every hundred kilometers, completely free of charge. In addition to the fact that this value provides additional value for these drivers, the positive impact on air quality will be evident over time,” people from Pro-Credit Bank say.

Photo: ProCredit

Protection of the environment, ecology and renewable energy sources are the focus of ProCredit Bank’s operations. They are intensively trying to be an example of good practice at the internal level, and they have fifteen electric vehicles in their fleet. No wonder they set a very ambitious goal – that by the end of the first quarter of this year, all vehicle in their fleet will be with zero CO2 emission. It is in line with the bank’s plan to become carbon neutral in the near future.

Fulfilling these goals will significantly affect the protection of the environment and the air quality in our country, which is the environmental commitment of ProCredit Bank which is planning special loan offers for the purchase of electric vehicles. ProCredit Bank experts are ready to answer all your questions at any time. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment or look at the detailed offer on the bank’s website.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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