Free Schneider Electric Exostruxure Power Design Software

Photo: Schneider Electric

The rapid digitalization process of buildings, households, and business processes places in the forefront the concept of leadership in every sector and the ethical codex of the leader. Those who are first in innovations, anticipating and always being one step ahead of the trends, can’t be alone in front, keeping the knowledge and skills for themselves.

Furthermore, according to new business ethics, they are expected to share their accomplishments and insights. Having that in mind, we are presenting an encouraging and significant example in the energy sector for Southeast Europe.

We are talking about free user software EcoStruxure Power Design developed by Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. EcoStruxure Power Design software was specially developed for design engineers of energy systems. It allows more accessible, faster, and more reliable design and sizing of low voltage and medium voltage networks, with the possibility to process these two voltage levels independently and integrally within the project.

New solutions can define the way of supply and support load by diesel generators and uninterrupted delivery of energy. This innovative solution includes drawing single-pole schemes in .dwg format while generated calculations are exported into pdf and word data. EcoStruxure Power Design software makes calculations in real-time, with timely database and automated updates. It saves time and simplifies work for design engineers of energy systems.

“Today, we need more than ever connectivity – online and remote, IoT and smart technological solutions,” noted Ksenija Karić, the manager at Schneider Electric for Serbia and Montenegro.

“In cooperation with clients and partners, we have managed very quickly to adapt to dynamic changes in the social and economic environment, offering our high technology solutions, automation, and opportunity to access remotely to necessary resources and systems. We are sure that providing innovative and free digital instruments is great practice, and our business will go that way”, says Karić.

Apart from offering free software EcoStruxure Power Design, the Schneider Electric company provides free training to give users a chance to get familiarized with the application’s functionality. However, it has been available for nine months, and the software was downloaded only in Southeast Serbia approximately 1,300 times. EcoStruxure Power Design is based on the IoT EcoStruxure Platform by Schneider Electric company. This solution allows you to connect devices from different systems according to the network size, collect and manage data, and use tools for monitoring and preventive maintenance.

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