Green Kilowatts For Nova Crnja


The path we need to take, which leads us to a more sustainable and secure future, must be paved with renewable energy sources.

Summing up the year 2023, one of the most important lessons learned by almost all countries is the necessity of switching to green energy, both because of climate change, the consequences of which are felt more and more intensely, and because of energy security and stability, which has proven to be very fragile in terms of previous methods of energy production and supply.

Responsible companies in Serbia have taken seriously the importance of solving this problem, which is why it is necessary to use our country’s solar potential in the best possible way. In achieving the set goal that is at the end of the road we set out on, the CEEFOR Company provides know-how and support.

Many years of experience related to sustainable development and energy efficiency, as well as consulting and design services in the field of renewable energy sources, have built trust in CEEFOR’s engineers, who are entrusted with numerous projects that entail the construction of solar power plants, both on roofs and on the ground.


Vojvodina will soon receive another solar power plant, as the construction of the B2 Sun Spot – 10MW solar power plant has begun in the municipality of Nova Crnja. The building permit for the construction of this solar power plant has been obtained, construction has begun and the solar plant is expected to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2024.

This solar power plant spans about 13 hectares of land and will have 17,740 bifacial solar panels of the Canadian Solar 660 brand. CEEFOR has gained recognition as a company that can be trusted, among other things, by continuously selecting the top quality products. That is why the company chose to use 100 Fronius Tauro inverters – ECO-100-3-P, with 100kW power, for this power plant. The Turkish manufacturer Kirac Metal has provided the structure for the plant which will have nine transformers.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay (mrganso)

All energy that this solar power plant generates will be transferred to the national power grid so that the people who live in this area can receive their energy from renewable sources.

A part of the area on which the solar power plant B2 Sun Spot will be built is occupied by a landfill. Following a decision to build the power plant in this location, the landfill was also cleaned and the land here was subsequently rehabilitated for construction purposes. This is a good example of how two sustainable ideas can be implemented at the same time – waste removal and green energy production – both of which contribute to reducing emissions.

CEEFOR’s team of experts consists of engineers who take advantage of every opportunity, through participation in projects, fairs and conferences, to expand and improve their knowledge, to justify the trust given to them by clients. Their dedication and experience are backed by a list of satisfied clients. CEEFOR engineers have proven once again that action speaks louder than words when during the stormy winds and weather problems that befell our country this summer, the solar power plants designed by them did not suffer the slightest damage.

The CEEFOR Company has been successfully operating in the field of sustainable project development and energy efficiency in the Balkan region for more than a decade. The company provides consulting and design services related to renewable energy sources.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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