How People Power Helped Saved the Argentine Sea From Oil Companies

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Greenpeace Argentina had started the year with bad news: the Argentine State had divided up the Argentine Sea in favour of the interests of the oil industry by approving the project of the Norwegian company Equinor to carry out seismic exploration off the coast of Buenos Aires.

So, in early January, they decided they needed to act. Together with ally organizations, Greenpeace Argentina filed a class action environmental lawsuit to demand that the approval of seismic exploration in the Argentine Sea be declared unconstitutional, and null and void.  The advancement of this project would not only be a condemnation for marine species but also for coastal communities and beaches.

Time to make noise

People and organisations all over Argentina said ENOUGH, took to the streets and what we now call the #Atlanticazo movement emerged: demonstrations and public protests multiplied in many cities across the country against this project and even from other countries.

The defenders of the oil industry attacked with their own statements trying to convince people that this would bring -false- prosperity. But the movement did not back down and because of collective action and the relentless people power, last week, the Federal Court N°2 of Mar del Plata finally granted the precautionary measure through ruling the immediate suspension (and without time limit) of oil exploration. Basically, this means that Equinor will not be able to move forward with its projects until there is an exhaustive review of all the points that we have been warning about.

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Source: Greenpeace