Running Like Clockwork


Solar panels on the roofs in Serbia are not a common picture. One, the first step into the world of photovoltaics is not going to cut it. However, this modest share of solar energy in the general energy picture of Serbia will soon change! From the Government and Ministries to companies and citizens, this potential in implementing the energy transition and achieving energy stability was finally recognized.

While the new Laws on Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency have been adopted to make the way to the solar power plant easier, by removing the unnecessary steps and possible obstacles, if you wish to put all your ideas into action a list of licensed companies with years of experience are at your disposal.

As many satisfied customers confirm, MT-KOMEX has deservedly gained its credibility in the field of solar technologies; it has so far built solar power plants with a total ca-pacity of 10 MW. And they can be your potential “ticket” to the world of renewable energy sources as they know how to take a step towards green and free kilowatts.

From vision to reality

One of the many successful projects that testify to the reputation of MT-KOMEX is the solar power plant of UNIOR Components, proof of ideas coming into life.

After opting to be among the pioneers of renewable energy sources and set solar panels on their roof, the management of Unior entrusted the work to those who know how to do it – a well-coordinated team of MT-KOMEX that executed this solar power plant in record time.

However, glooming doubt that the speed of production could reduce the quality and output power was dispersed once the trained operators of MT-KOMEX made sure that the Unior power plant was flawlessly completed, just like all other projects.

Evenly distributed inverters throughout the roof area and meticulously routed cables across the blocks speak volumes about how MT-KOMEX approaches each power plant’s construction. Their precision makes everything run like clockwork.

Equipment selection is essential when building a reliable and efficient solar power plant. As in this case, the Multirail construction for the pitched roof from K2 Systems was used, a total of 928 CS3L-370MS modules, manufactured by Canadian Solar, and exactly 15 Symo 20.0-3-M S20 kW inverters, manufactured by the well-known Austrian brand Fronius.

UNIOR Components Tools now boasts of a 1,716 m2 solar power plant with an installed capacity of 343.36 kWp and an output of 300 kWp.

The decision to invest in a solar power plant was a complete success, which was substantiated by the fact that UNIOR Components will annually produce 425,910 kWh of electricity from a completely renewable source, and the benefits of this project will affect the environment with a total of 340,608 kg carbon dioxide savings per year.

In addition to gaining the status of a socially responsible company, in this effort to fight against climate change by building a solar power plant, UNIOR Components will achieve significant financial savings thanks to gaining energy independence.

On the other hand, MT-KOMEX keeps proving its expertise and commitment throughout the projects, totalling more than 4 MW of solar power plants installed last year. As global and domestic energy policy creates a favourable climate for the development of renewable energy sources, MT-KOMEX is more than ready to implement the visions of others, also keen to enter the world of clean energy.

Prepared by: Milena Maglovski

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