Just Transition Forum highlights fair and sustainable energy future

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Eduardo Jaeger)

The Energy Community Secretariat organized the Energy Community Just Transition Forum in Skopje, an important gathering aimed at addressing crucial measures for a sustainable and equitable energy transition. The event brought together around 200 participants, both in person and online, fostering meaningful discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange among stakeholders from various sectors. The forum reaffirmed the Energy Community Secretariat’s unwavering commitment to energy transition, regulatory cooperation, and sustainability in the face of a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

The forum delved into critical topics essential for ensuring a just energy transition, including policy planning, socio-economic challenges in coal-dependent communities, financial support mechanisms, and the positive impacts on air quality and social equality stemming from a just transition.

Key highlights from the event included the following:

  1. Integration of Just Transition into strategic documents: Participants stressed the importance of incorporating just transition and coal phase-out plans into strategic documents, such as National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). These documents should act as a compass for change in the energy sector, guiding the transition while also serving as a financing roadmap for just transition initiatives.
  2. Careful Planning for coal-dependent regions: Recognizing the inevitability of decarbonization in coal-dependent regions, the forum emphasized the need for careful planning for a just transition. This planning must consider human rights, including gender equality, and secure adequate resources from diverse funding sources, including carbon pricing revenue streams.
  3. National commitments for international support: National commitments were deemed pivotal for initiating action by local governments and communities. Furthermore, these commitments serve as the foundation for international support, as exemplified by the Energy Community’s efforts in the energy transition.
  4. Urgency for immediate action: Participants emphasized that planning for a just transition must commence without delay, particularly in coal-dependent regions most affected by energy transition and decarbonization.

The forum prioritized a people-centered approach, addressing inequalities and enhancing workers’ rights and skills development. It also just transition to environmental benefits, including reducing air pollution and promoting healthier urban planning. Regarding financing, it recognized the importance of various funding sources, including carbon pricing revenue.

The Energy Community Just Transition Forum fostered collaboration among stakeholders for a fair and sustainable energy future, reaffirming the Energy Community Secretariat’s commitment to navigating the evolving energy landscape.

Source: Energy Community