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Solar cell technology is definitely one of the most important segments in the transition to clean energy. The great potential of this segment provides room for constant improvement of the solar panel production process. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that a reliable, top-quality product is the best advertisement; they pay special attention to these business segments. Company Luxen Solar, based in Vienna, the quality of work carried out by the Luxen Solar Company is verified because it is one of the most influential brands in the solar industry. They launched their operations in Spain in 2005, and today they have over 15 industry awards, employ more than 500 people worldwide and are one of the most innovative companies, as well as one of the TOP 20 exporters.

During almost two decades of operations, Luxen’s research and development sector has been closely following the trends in the solar panel industry, which is why many have recognized them as a safe and reliable partner. So far, they have delivered over six gigawatts (GW) of panels and are developing fully automated production – robots – which will be controlled by artificial intelligence. The capacity of this plant will have been 10GW by 2026.

Recognition of quality

The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of products for both rooftops and ground projects. Following global trends in the industry and using the latest technology, their TOPCon N-series fulfils the highest quality standard in the design and functionality of solar panels. The Tier 1 status awarded by BloombergNEF testifies to the quality of the company’s products.


Photo: Luxen Solar

The TOPCon N-Series is manufactured in a state-of-the-art digitized Industry 4.0 facility with brand-new robotic equipment driven by artificial intelligence. The product line includes the N6 Series with 210mm technology and the N5 Series with 182mm technology, which are adapted to the different requirements of rooftop and ground projects.

Some of the key advantages of the N-series, compared to conventional modules, are almost 2.5 per cent more electricity production after 30 years, up to eight years longer warranty and 85 per cent bifaciality, which is 15 per cent more compared to the market standard. The solar panels of this series generate two hours more electricity a day, that is, 720 hours a year and 21,900 hours more over 30 years, with a significantly lower temperature Pmax of -0.29%°C.

Advantages of using new technology

The benefits of the N-series of solar panels are reflected in the reduction of the ‘levelized cost of electricity’ (LCOE). This was achieved by boosting the efficiency of the cells up to 28.7 per cent and the smaller module area. At the same time, production was increased. Still, degradation was also significantly reduced – only one per cent in the first year compared to 2-2.5 per cent when it comes to the use of conventional technology. There is also a longer lifetime under warranty and continuous high-power output in low-light conditions. The N-series TOPCon occupies a leading position when it comes to having numerous advantages over today’s standard technology.

It has resulted in Luxen Solar offering clients a product of exceptional quality and performance that results in a faster return on investment and ensures optimal use of space, long-term reliability, energy independence and a competitive edge in the market. These solar panels effectively help produce clean energy that creates a sustainable future while reducing electricity costs.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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