Number 32 – October 2023

    Focus topics: CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    It is our pleasure to share with you the news that in October, we are celebrating the tenth birthday of the Energy Portal. We started the business as a small team, which continuously expanded and grew over the years, and simultaneously, the portal. It was then that the values of the site’s existence – reliability, credibility, and objectivity – were set, which in their daily work represent a guide for the whole team and a decade after that.

    Our green thread is the thought of informing you how we can make the planet a better place for all residents to live, working on informative and educational content, increasing awareness of the importance of environmental protection, and encouraging you to participate in various activities that contribute to it. With attractive texts about animals, healthy food, and other content, in addition to information, we also try sometimes to make you laugh and entertain.

    Four years after the portal’s launch, in 2017, we published the first printed edition of the Energy Portal Magazine. For years, we have been interviewing ambassadors of European countries and around the world who have information about the situation in those countries, as well as relevant ministers in Serbia, mayors of Serbian cities and cities in the region, numerous experts and professors from various fields related to ecology, energy, climate change. We represent the best companies that build solar power plants and contribute to the development of electric cars, the development of infrastructure, networks, and other activities.

    The issuer we have prepared for you brings an interview with the ambassador of Kuwait to Serbia, who reveals to us how the leaders of that country considered the state of the planet, which is currently facing the greatest environmental challenges in history, and based on that they prepared a plan and postulates for the country’s development until 2035 (New vision of Kuwait).

    We learned from the adviser of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for the circular economy when and how companies should prepare for the new EU regulations for reducing GHG emissions, as well as about the state of the Serbian economy. At the same time, Draško Stanivuković, the mayor of Banja Luka, explained how they are moving towards becoming a green city.

    There are also always interesting stories about renewable energy sources and novelties in this area. As always, the People and Challenges section brings you inspiring articles about creative people who try to bring change in a unique way. Be healthy and environmentally aware; read and follow us in the years ahead.