Number 22 – August 2021

    Focus topics: WATER RESOURCES

    Hot summer days and somewhat more favourable conditions for travelling have arrived, so we hope that if you haven’t already, you will pack your bags as soon as possible and enjoy the beach.
    As people are always looking for “salvation“ from high temperatures in the water, we have decided to dedicate this summer issue to that. Sustainable water management is an indispensable part of the fight against climate change, but this front is full of obstacles and challenges for many countries, including ours.

    Fortunately, we always have someone to learn from. During a conversation with Maria Virgínia Mendes da Silva Pina, the Ambassador of Portugal to Serbia, we found out that the preservations of the oceans and the seas and the development of the blue economy are the most important topics for this ”green” country. We also peeked into the image of Portugal in 2030 and discovered how much the Portuguese would rely on renewable energy sources. You will also learn more about water resources in our country. In the section Opinion, you are greeted by Prof Ratko Ristić PhD, who opens our eyes by saying that, although many think that Serbia is a water-rich country, we are one of the poorest countries in the Balkans.

    We also discussed the draft of the Water Management Plan on the territory of Serbia for six years and what it brings and what measures we are taking to protect against floods, and how we can stop water pollution. We talked about these and many other topics with the acting Director of the Republic Water Directorate, Nataša Milić.

    Cheerful stories will come in handy for your afternoon vacation on the beach. In the section Beacon, we present Ražanj, one of the most organized municipalities in Serbia. In contrast, the section People and Challenges will inspire you with stories about inventors who can even make something valuable and profitable out of waste.

    We also give you an insight into a solution for one of the biggest environmental problems in the world, which a group of students from Svrljig developed. You will also find out why the experts and professors in environmental protection have formed independent professional institutions and what they will do to realistically present everything that needs to be done to overcome the problems in this very important field.

    We hope that you will enjoy skimming through this issue of the Magazine as we have made sure to prepare interesting and current topics in the field of ecology and renewable energy sources.