Number 23 – February 2022

    Focus topics: RECYCLING

    We managed to achieve significant results in business, which is why I am very proud of our team!

    We actively participated in numerous conferences on renewable energy sources, which were attended by our company, a pioneer and leader in design in the field of renewable energy sources in the Serbian market, which operates successfully in the region.

    You know that Switzerland is one of the leaders in the field of ecology every year, and Ambassador Urs Schmid introduced us to all the measures that are being taken to make Switzerland climate-neutral in the near future. Interestingly, this country has a fairly low recycling rate, and you can read why this is so and how they use waste in our first text.

    Energy Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Viktor Andonov, left a strong impression on the participants in the RES Serbia Conference in Belgrade, selflessly sharing his country’s experiences related to the energy transition. He showed us the honor of being our interlocutor and provided us with a wealth of information, so we will soon publish an article on the closure of thermal power plants in North Macedonia on the Energy Portal website, which was the first to announce the cessation of coal use for electricity production.

    The municipality of Čajetina got into our Beacon section for a reason, consi[1]dering that they set an ambitious goal to become the first ecological municipality in Serbia. We talked with Milan Stamatović, the president of the municipality of Čajetina, about the plans for fulfilling such a demanding undertaking.

    There is no doubt that regional cooperation is essential, so in this issue, you will find impressions from the recent Sunny Days event on Hvar and the experiences of our neighbors in the field of solar energy, which flourished thanks to new legislation. 

    Before you start leafing through the new issue, I might like to draw your attention to the interview with Marjan Rančić on financing renewable energy sources and
    the auction system that will soon be held in our country. 

    Finally, I will share one impression with you. When I think at the time of closing the issue that we have prepared our best edition of the Magazine so far and that it is difficult to surpass it, it turns out that we can still surpass ourselves. That exactly happened with this issue, which is why I can’t easily choose the texts that I would single out.