Number 31 – August 2023

    Focus topics: ELECTROMOBILITY

    Like most, we rested a little during the summer, but we were also hardworking. We tried our best to prepare an issue that brings you a handful of articles about electromobility and other interesting topics you are used to. As the expansion of electric vehicles is expected by the end of 2030, many of us will buy an electric car in the next few years.

    That’s why we talked with Miroslav Alempić, Assistant Minister for Road Transport, Roads and Traffic Safety, about the development of electromobility, the network of chargers, and the novelties introduced by the Law on Planning and Construction. Dalibor Ignjatović, Director of Innovation at NAAEV, said what other measures the authorities should take so that everyone in Serbia could travel faster with electric vehicles. In April 2022, this Association submitted to the Government of Serbia an initiative for infrastructural regulation of the status of electric chargers for e-vehicles.

    We talked about Greece’s investments in environmental protection, how this favorite tourist destination of our fellow citizens faces the challenges of the energy crisis and other topics with Maria Levanti, the Greek Ambassador to Serbia. The former Serbian capital, Raška, is working on the purification of wastewater and is building facilities for the purification of such water, for the construction of which the Municipality and the Government of Serbia allocated more than 5.3 million euros.

    Mayor Nemanja Popović spoke about energy policy measures, subsidies for citizens for solar power plants in this city and other topics. We also bring you stories about the development of electromobility from Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. It is interesting to read about the way of thinking of Jovica Milanović, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the University of Manchester in Great Britain, on the proper management of energy consumption, as well as the opinion of Professor Vladimir Momčilović, PhD from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, on the construction of public charging stations on highways and the development of electromobility in Serbia.

    As usual, you can read interesting stories in the People and Challenges section. Get ready for an exciting adventure that we bring you and turn to the next page of this issue.