Photo-illustration: Pixabay (Congerdesign)

In the heart of Serbia, a team of enthusiasts revived an idea that brings together small milk producers and consumers in quite a unique way. This project is called Mlekomap, designed as a non-profit platform to connect milk producers and customers, who can now purchase readily available, fresh, homemade milk. Aleksandar Džavrić, software engineer and visionary of this project, came up with this idea in early 2023 and, with the support of Miloš Jovanov and his company Green Friends, started implementing the project.

Mlekomap has many advantages for both parties. With the help of their map, a buyer is informed of the locations of registered farms that produce dairy products. By contacting nearby farms, customers can further communicate with the dairy farmer regarding their purchase.

The registration process for producers is simple – the farm registers itself by filling out the form available on the Mlekomap platform, followed by Mlekomap’s team checking the submitted information and finally adding the producer to the map.


“As for the price and quality control, it is a matter of agreement between the buyer and the seller. If the buyer has a complaint against the seller, we immediately check it and react as required, although we haven’t had such cases so far. We have received only praise“, Aleksandar Džavrić says.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay (congerdesign)

The map itself has no territorial restrictions if it complies with the relevant laws in the country in which the sale takes place. Dairy farmers in the region are facing the same difficulties as dairy farmers in Serbia. If this project can revitalize local family businesses, a farm and even a village, the idea of expanding it to the region, if the laws allow, sounds great.

In Serbia, in addition to hundreds of farms, there are several registered milk machines. The milk machines are automated devices designed to sell fresh milk directly to consumers without intermediaries. These devices are often located in central parts of cities and allow consumers easy access to fresh milk without the need for direct contact with the producer.

However, it is not that easy or cheap to get, which is why many farms still opt for direct sales. Milk machines are available 24/7, meaning consumers can buy milk whenever needed, regardless of business hours.

Prepared by: Milica Vučković

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