Competence and expertise in constructing solar power plants have brought MT-KOMEX to the position of a reliable and valuable partner in the energy sector. As such, it is recognized throughout Serbia, considering it has successfully developed and equipped many solar plants on the ground and roofs. However, now is an excellent opportunity to prove itself as a serious partner outside our borders.

Embarking on building a sustainable future, the company MT-KOMEX has recently expanded its operations to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it will soon, together with MT-KOMEX BH d.o.o. start its debut project in this country – Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant Rešetnica. This solar power plant will be built in the place of the same name in the city of Goražde. It will represent a combination of technological skill and environmental awareness, administratively belonging to the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton.

The construction of the solar power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be carried out on a turnkey basis, which means that the contractor is responsible for all phases of the project, including – the design, delivery, assembly, and testing of the photovoltaic power plant. Therefore, the planning and creation of the model of the power plant, the delivery of the necessary materials, technology, and labor to the site, then the installation of panels, the installation of inverters and other necessary infrastructure, and finally, ensuring that the entire system works – is entrusted to the company’s expert team. The application of this method implies that the investor, Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda Bosne i Herzegovine d.d. – Sarajevo, will be presented with the final product, i.e. a fully functional plant ready for work, which relieves them of the hassle of managing numerous tasks and complex phases of work.


The solar power plant will be positioned at about 900 meters above sea level, while the plateau planned for the PV power plant Rešetnica installation will cover about 8,200 m2 (or 0.82 hectares) of the 10,015 m2 total plot size. The chosen site should provide not only a solid platform for construction but also a great potential for efficient use of sunlight for high-yield energy production.

Luxor Solar’s solar panels will be used to construct this facility. The choice of panels is based on their efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity – an essential attribute, then longevity and reliability in different weather conditions, given that recent storms in these areas have made it clear that this is an important criterion when panel selection.

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Asia Chang Yr)

On the other hand, Fronius inverters should enable efficient and reliable power conversion and thereby also contribute to the optimal functioning of the entire system.

– Of course, the key issue is the total capacity that the power plant will have. Therefore, it is planned that the PV power plant Rešetnica, with an installed power of 1,050 kWp, and a total output/active power of 800 kW AC, will produce an estimated annual energy of 1411 MWh – said Radoslav Marić, director of MT-KOMEX BH d.o.o.

The company MT-KOMEX realized that with its many years of experience and knowledge, it could help develop projects in the field of renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina by establishing MT-KOMEX BH d.o.o. In addition to the contract for the construction of the PV power plant Rešetnica, negotiations are ongoing for the construction of four more solar power plants in BiH, three on the roof and one on the ground. The company’s engineers and installers are ready for all the challenges that business brings them in this area, and they are here to help every client construct a solar power plant.

Prepared by: Milica Vučković

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