MT-KOMEX and Fronius are partners for the future

The MT-KOMEX Company is an expert and reliable partner in the construction of solar power plants. Their well-coordinated and reliable team has worked on more than 200 projects in this field so far while using the best equipment in the market on every one of these projects.

This is the reason why MT-KOMEX has been cooperating with the Fronius Company, which produces one of the best inverters in the market and has been Fronius’ official distributor and partner for seven years.

Miloš Kostić, Director of the MT-KOMEX Company, attended the official commissioning of the new Fronius factory.

“We are long-term partners with a company that produces the best inverters in Europe. Thanks to the new factory, Fronius will now produce over 7,000 megawatts annually, instead of the previous 3,400″, said Mr Kostić.


He added that he also expected an increase in the number of MPP Trackers, as well as greater efficiency.

“MT-KOMEX will continue to use Fronius inverters on all its projects, both on houses and commercial buildings, as well as in ground power plants”, Mr Kostić underlined.

To remind, instead of the previous seven-year warranty, MT-KOMEX now gives a ten-year warranty for all inverters up to 12.5kW. This extended warranty is now applicable to all new Fronius inverters up to 12.5kW if installed after September 1st, 2023.

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