Many years of experience in constructing solar power plants have positioned MT-KOMEX as a safe and reliable partner. Engineers and installers employed by the company regularly attend specially prepared trainings and have so far built and delivered equipment for numerous solar power plants on the ground and on roofs, with a total installed capacity of 60 MW. As pioneers in solar power plant construction projects in Serbia, they are always there to help with expert advice and find the best solution for each client.

The leaders of the company realized that with their knowledge and experience in this field, they could help the development of projects in the area of renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why in April of this year, the decision was made to open the company MT-KOMEX BH.

This area’s market is developing very quickly and has great potential, as needs in terms of energy and investments in renewable energy sources. BiH certainly requires its energy capacities in the production of clean electricity to stop using coal for energy production. As they are in the pre-accession arrangement for membership in the European Union, they must work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and they can achieve this by phasing out the use of fossil fuels. The logical sequence of events is the transition to clean energy.


‘’Solar and wind energy are our chance to switch to green energy, and I see a lot of room for progress there. The problem in BiH is numerous legal regulations and regulations. It significantly complicates the entire procedure of obtaining all the permits required to construct a solar power plant, which significantly complicates the way for all potential investors’’, explains Radoslav Marić, director of MT-KOMEX BH.

The Law does not regulate the prosumer category in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this deters people from investing in small solar power plants. At the same time, the situation is somewhat better in the Republic of Srpska. Still, Marić believes that the laws and measures that have been adopted are not sufficiently encouraging for ordinary citizens.

He hopes that the legal regulations will be changed and that the authorities will follow the examples of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia, which recognized the importance of the prosumer concept by adopting the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources. The fact that the number of small solar power plants doubled last year shows that this segment of the Law is also well-regulated.

Complicated procedure

Different legal procedures in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the level of Republika Srpska and in Brčko District, cause headaches for potential investors in solar power plants. Marić says that the company saw that it could help in this segment, and that’s where they recognized their chance.

‘’We offer, so to speak, a complete package of services. It practically means that the company’s expert team does everything, from idea to implementation. So we issue all the necessary permits, work on the project’s development, and obtain all the necessary approvals. We actually do the entire project, the whole administrative part, and then realize it according to the turnkey system. It is one of the rare and unique offers in Bosnia and Herzegovina’’, Marić explains.

Numerous investors are ready to invest in solar power plants in this country; projects are being prepared for solar power plants, both on the ground and on the roof. The engineers and installers of the company MT-KOMEX BH are ready for all the challenges that business brings to them in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to help every client construct a solar power plant.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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