Natural History Centre Opened In Ovcar Banja

Photo: The Government of the Republic of Serbia

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic opened, together with Minister of Environmental Protection Irena Vujovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic and Mayor of Cacak Milun Todorovic the Natural History Centre in Ovcar Banja.

On this occasion, Brnabic pointed out that RSD 200 million had been invested in various projects in this part of Serbia in the past 16 months, and that with the completion of a highway to Pozega, the traffic will be completely moved out from the Ovcar and Kablar Gorge.

When you have not been doing things since 1954, you cannot do them in a few weeks, she stated and said that Serbia has a responsible government that wants to do what was missed.

We also want to contribute to the protection of the environment, beauty and tourist potentials of Serbia, the Prime Minister emphasised, adding that Cacak will build a biomass power plant.

The Prime Minister added that a rehabilitation centre will also be built in the Ovcar and Kablar Gorge, which will be part of the Cacak General Hospital.

We are doing that together with the Serbian Orthodox Church, because “Vila Sirotica” is the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which will cede it for that purpose, and we will give other facilities, said Brnabic.

According to her, with the completion of the highway to Pozega, the traffic will be moved out from the gorge and it will be an opportunity to present all the beauties of the Ovcar and Kablar Gorge and Ovcar Banja.

Photo: Wikipedia/Damir Simović

We are working continuously on expanding protected areas everywhere, including the Ovcar and Kablar Gorge, the Prime Minister stated.

Brnabic previously visited the Ovcar and Kablar Gorge and Lake Medjuvrsje, where she attended a presentation of a mud extraction project, worth almost €40 million.

Vujovic specified that approximately RSD 30 million were invested in the construction and equipping of the Natural History Centre, which houses a part for scientific research activities and a museum with exhibitions of flora and fauna.

According to her, in this centre, visitors, especially the youngest ones, will be able to learn about the nature and importance of the environment, which is significant for raising awareness on this topic and contributing to our goal to develop systemic education for this area throughout Serbia.

The Minister recalled that last year the Decree on the proclamation of the area of exceptional characteristics “Ovcar and Kablar Gorge” enabled the revision of the protection and doubled the surface of the protected area, from 2,250 to 4,910 hectares, and that the first degree protection regime was established in certain parts.

Source: The Government of the Republic of Serbia