New Version of Solar Car Emilia4 Being Prepared in Cooperation Of Serbia and Italy

Photo: Printscreen/Youtube (Mobil Auto TV)

It is called Emilia4 and it is the symbol of the day dedicated to sustainable mobility as selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Italy. It is a solar electric car, which runs on solar energy, and it was produced by Alma Mater Studorium – University of Bologna as part of the project of bilateral scientific cooperation with Serbia, co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. The car was exhibited to the public at the ministry’s yard.

As the name suggests, Emilia4 is a car with four seats, which, in the version optimized for long races, travels at 65 km/h, and it is powered by two electric engines, which consume energy equivalent to a regular hairdryer of 1,200 watts, used in households, according to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Serbia.

Thanks to its unique characteristics and performances, the vehicle triumphed at the event American Solar Challenge 2018 and European Solar Challenge 2021, contests reserved for vehicles which are powered exclusively by solar energy, so, without external battery charging, developed by universities and technical colleges worldwide.

This is an excellent result at the end of the project which included all car components to the end of achieving maximum energy efficiency: structure optimization in the sense of weight and power, also, thanks to the innovative solutions and materials, solar panels, highly efficient and light batteries and electric engines, as well as a careful studying of aerodynamics.

Above all, at these tech challenges, cooperation developed with the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade, whose skill in studying aerodynamics essentially contributed to the success of the project – it is added.

While waiting for the new version of the solar car, which the researchers are working on, Emilia4 was also presented to the Serbian public in May during the Eco BG Car Show 2022 at the exhibition stand of the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Source: eKapija