Serbia Opens Energy, Environment and Climate Change Chapters Under EU Accession Process

Photo: Government of Serbia

The Energy Community Secretariat congratulates Serbia for its progress in the EU accession negotiation process and the opening of Cluster four (Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity) at the EU-Serbia Intergovernmental Conference held yesterday in Brussels.

This cluster comprises four negotiating chapters: Chapter 14 on Transport Policy, Chapter 15 on Energy, Chapter 21 on Trans-European Networks and Chapter 27 on Environment and Climate Change.

The Secretariat will continue to provide support to Serbia in fulfilling its commitments under the Energy Community Treaty, and to promote its energy sector reforms on the pathway to further integration and decarbonisation.   

The 2021 Annual Implementation Report published recently by the Energy Community Secretariat shows Serbia’s progress (and that of other Energy Community Contracting Parties) in implementation of the energy, environment and climate acquis, highlights the key challenges and makes recommendations for addressing these. 

Source: Energy Community