Solar Energy for Agricultural Holding or Private House

Photo: Energetski portal

Do you know how much solar energy reaches the Earth per year? It is estimated that the power of the Sun that reaches our planet is 105 times higher than the capacity of all power plants on the planet. While the possibilities of using solar energy on a global scale are enormous, the exact potential varies from country to country. The fact that Serbia has a significantly higher number of hours of solar radiation than most European countries enables us to turn to the most abundant and cheapest source of energy known to humankind.

The owner of a farm at Fruska gora got the idea to install a solar power plant. The idea originated from the desire hat the products made on this property owing to energy from renewable sources have a green ecological footprint.

Foto: Energetski portal

The purpose of a small solar power plant, which is placed on the roof of this farm, is to use the produced quantity of electricity from renewable sources for its own consumption. The power plant is of great significance not only for the owner but also for the households nearby, since by connecting to the distribution cabinet the necessary electricity for the surrounding households can be provided.

To make the products entirely ecological, the owner has entrusted his idea to the company “MT-KOMEX” from Belgrade, which built a small solar power plant. It is mounted on a substructure manufactured by the German company of aluminium mounting systems – K2 system, and semicrystal solar panels (Power 272 W) made by Luxor solar are installed on the substructure. In order to transform the DC, which is generated in solar panels, into alternating current – which consumers use – the company installed Fronius inverter Symo 10kv, which has 2mpp trackers. The inverter is tied to a single smart meter in the system so that the owner of the facility can track the overall electricity consumption in the facility and of various consumers, as well as the contribution of the solar power plant during its exploitation.

The engineers of the company “MT-KOMEX”, with many years of experience in mechanical engineering and welding projects, also have the expertise and relevant knowledge when it comes to the construction of solar power plants. They have been trained and certified for installing photo – voltaic modules with associated equipment, as well as for voltage converters and inverters, and they have proven their expertise with this unique project at Fruska gora.

However, if your dream is to have a self-sustainable house designed to operate independently of infrastructure services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage system and telecommunication services, this is the company you are looking for.

Foto: Energetski portal

The company “MT-KOMEX” will provide you with the most up-to-date and the highest-quality equipment that meets your expectations. The best example for such a starting point is the construction of a self-sustainable house in Sumarice in Kragujevac. Fronius inverter and the smart meter are in charge of smooth energy flow in this house. This modern facility receives its “clean energy” by the exploitation of Canadian solar panels of 10 kW.

Special sales offer for Eco 25 & 27 and Symo 15.0-20.0 inverters is currently underway and every buyer of one of these models can expect savings of 135 Euro.

This offer will last until March 31, 2019, and, please contact “MT-KOMEX”, the official distributor of this manufacturer, for all the information on Fronius inverters and discount for certain types of inverters, via e-mail at

This article was published in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine on CLEAN ENERGY, December 2018. – February 2019.