SolarEdge Home – the Premium Solar System Even More Affordable

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It’s no wonder homeowners are looking for solutions to improve home energy efficiency.  A solar system for home energy production is the best bet for bringing down electricity costs while supporting more energy hungry appliances and devices. But what is good for today may not be enough for tomorrow. In the past, home energy consumption was driven by relatively stable factors such as weather, family size, house size, and appliance demands. Looking forward, there are new factors that will also impact electricity usage such as EV charging, storage and heating electrification.

SolarEdge is known for offering the most premium equipment on the market, but if you are wondering if SolarEdge DC optimization is useful on residential property, the answer is “yes, definitely!” and now more than ever with their Free Of Charge Optimizers promotion. Here is why.

Products that protect their owners

Homeowners put their home solar energy systems atop their most prized possession: their family. So, it is imperative that the system you install is one that is designed to protect people and property, with strict safety measures built right in, without the need for 3rd party devices. This is the DNA of SolarEdge PV systems which employ several layers of safety. The first layer ensures that the products are safe against any potential hazardous events. The second layer can identify a potential incident developing and can stop it in its tracks before it occurs. In the event that a fault does occur, the third layer safeguards the PV system and the home by turning off the inverter and shutting down the system within minutes and alerting relevant parties.


Turn more of the sun’s rays into energy

There is really only one reason to install a PV system: to generate clean, free energy. So, doesn’t it make sense for homeowners to generate the most energy possible? SolarEdge products, thanks to their Power Optimizers (now part of a Free-of-charge promotion until the end of September), allow to generate the most energy possible from the roof-even if the roof already has maximum sunlight exposure.

There are a few reasons for this. While all solar panels may be in direct sunlight, the sun may not be hitting each one at the same angle at all hours of the day. As you know, with a string inverter, you are always limited by the lowest performing module. However, with a SolarEdge system, the Power Optimizer will allow each individual panel to deliver the maximum energy possible.

Another benefit derived from the Power Optimizer is mitigation of module mismatch. Let’s say one particular module has retained streaks and dirt from the last storm. Absolutely no worries. Each module can function at its individual maximum performance, leading to a higher overall yield. So every day, hour after hour, homes using SolarEdge solutions produce more energy.

Photo: SolarEdge

How An Operating System Can Make Smart Energy Decisions

SolarEdge Home enables homeowners to not only produce solar energy but also store, consume and manage it in ways never before possible. It employs its own Operating System which creates a personalized energy program for the homeowner based on their priorities, appliances, budget and energy lifestyle. The personalized energy program optimizes the consumption of free solar energy by automating a number of decisions and processes throughout the day and night, further reducing electricity costs. For example, based on the homeowner’s preferences, it knows when and how much energy to store in the battery, how to best balance the home’s energy loads between solar power and grid power, the most cost-effective way to charge an electric car, and how to make sure the power stays on during grid outages.

Putting the Homeowner in Control

Homeowners control the SolarEdge Home system with the mySolarEdge app. This app provides a real time dashboard of energy production and consumption to track system performance. It also enables the homeowner to adjust settings and parameters to accommodate lifestyle changes such as backing up a battery before a dramatic weather occurrence, or adjusting electricity usage when going on vacation (like keeping the pool pump working and causing certain lights to be turned on at night).

SolarEdge Home – the all-in-one smart energy ecosystem

Trends show that there are more and more electrical devices in homeowners’ homes and  more energy is being consumed year after year. According to McKinsey “Power consumption is projected to triple by 2050 as electrification and living standards grow.” In this environment, homeowners need to take control of their energy production and consumption while remaining responsible global citizens. Adding an electric vehicle (EV) for example can increase a family’s electricity usage by up to 50 per cent. With SolarEdge Home we are ready for just about anything the future will bring. This scalable smart energy ecosystem lets us install an inverter and battery today and later add an EV Charger, Hot Water Controller, and a full suite of Smart Energy Devices whenever we feel ready to expand. 

Source: SolarEdge