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Achieving a sustainable future requires sweeping changes, making every sector greener. The generation of electricity from clean sources is one of the most significant changes required, starting with small energy consumers and moving to large ones. The public utility company Pirot Regional Landfill is an example of a large consumer, considering that the waste separation line requires significant amounts of electricity. Thanks to the decision to build a solar power plant on the roof of this facility, waste management in Pirot will become a more sustainable process. Designing was entrusted to the CEEFOR company, which has many years of experience in sustainable development, energy efficiency and design services in renewable energy sources. We talked about the project and the importance of its realization with Bojan Stević, a graduate mechanical engineer who leads the entire project.

The RD Pirot solar power plant with an installed capacity of 150 kW is planned to be built on the roof of the building of this public company, which covers an area of 1,200 m2. The idea is that the power plant uses the produced electricity to power its own daily needs until the moment of acquiring the status of a prosumer, after which the produced surplus will be handed over to the distribution system.

– The first information that we needed and that we received from the management of PUC Pirot Regional Landfill is the current consumption and some projected consumption of the plant, with which we can calculate what their needs are and concerning that, we design the solar power plant – said Stević.


The original plan included the current panels of 410 Wp individual power at that time, with the installation of 440 solar panels, 348 on one facility and 90 on the other. One of the best solar modules on our market, Luxor Solar 545 Wp, was chosen for this solar power plant. Also, the solar power plant will contain eight inverters manufactured by Fronius. One of the best solutions from K2 Systems was chosen for the substructure. As this solar power plant requires the expansion of the electricity connection, it took a little more time to collect the necessary documentation and approvals.

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Given that the PUC Pirot Regional Landfill facility is located on the international corridor, this public company plans to connect a charger for electric cars, which will come with a smart canopy.

The start of the construction of the solar power plant RD Pirot is planned in the winter period, that is, at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year, so that the work will be completed in the spring of 2024 and in this way the full potential of sunlight will be used by the end of that year.

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR) has been successfully operating in the field of sustainable project development and energy efficiency in the Balkan region for thirteen years. It offers its clients consulting and design services in renewable energy sources. The company’s professional team is ready to respond to all client requests and answer all questions. A long list of satisfied clients is the best indicator of the expertise and dedicated work of the company.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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