The First Green Garage Opened in Kragujevac

Photo: JKP „Šumadija Kragujevac“

Green Garage is located in Kneza Milosa Street in Kragujevac and covers more than 7,000 square meters. There are 200 parking spaces available to drivers;10 out of them are reserved for people with disabilities, and 12 for motorcycles. Electric car drivers can relax – 3 places in this garage are provided for charging electric cars.

A 74-kW solar power plant is installed on the public garage roof and consists of 260 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels with an individual power of 285 W. The electricity produced by this solar power plant will be used to power the building, while the excess energy will be stored in 100 kWh batteries. A system consisting of 48 batteries has been installed for the purpose of storing excess energy.

Thanks to the expert team of the company MT-KOMEX, the public garage in Kragujevac will be fully supplied with its energy, which means that it will use completely free and unlimited solar energy, with zero carbon dioxide emissions. Air pollution and climate change have become part of our daily lives, so every turn towards clean and renewable energy sources is very important. If you are striving for a socially responsible business in achieving your goal, the skillful team of MT-KOMEX can help you. To keep up with world trends MT-KOMEX engineers and installers have undergone various specialization training for assembly, construction and installation work.

Photo: JKP „Šumadija Kragujevac“

Numerous projects for the construction of small hydropower, gas and solar power plants speak on their behalf. So far, they have built and delivered more than 30 solar power plants, with more than 8 MW of installed capacity. MT-KOMEX can be said to be a pioneer when it comes to installing chargers for electric cars. MT-KOMEX engineers are trained to install chargers, both in smaller residential and business units and in larger facilities with more demanding infrastructure.

Strategic partnerships with Schneider Electric and ABB, two global leaders in electric car chargers, show that good and quality work is highly valued. But, the expert team of the company MT-KOMEX did not stop only at the installation of the charger, but they also worked on the design of solar canopies with a charger for electric cars. Solar canopies are the ideal solution if you want a fully renewable energy source to power your vehicle. So far, they have been installed in Belgrade, in front of the administrative building of ProCredit Bank, in business parking lots in Pancevo, Kladovo and Stari Banovci.

The leading men of MT-KOMEX realized that electric car chargers must be connected in one integral set for drivers to find a place to recharge their vehicle quickly and easily. As the crown of all their efforts, the charge&GO system was launched this summer, which will be a real synonym for traffic electrification in Serbia in the future. It is already a major help to electric car drivers today. For all those who may not have heard of this platform, the charge&GO system for charging for the use of electric car charging points with its charger network that allows easy access to chargers not only via platform or QR code on the charger but also using the charge&GO mobile app available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

This article was published in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine SMART CITIES, december 2020 – february 2021.