The Position of the Bird’s Wings in Flight as a Solution for more Efficient Use of Wind Energy

Photo: courtesy of Blagoje Krivokapić

Ambitious goals related to renewable energy sources and zero emissions require not only boosting the capacity of such sources and expediting infrastructure development but also improving existing and creating innovative technology. Energy obtained from wind recorded good results during the previous year, but additional efforts are needed to achieve the set goals. Blagoje Krivokapić, a mechanical engineer from Nikšić, offered one of the solutions to make wind energy more efficient.

At the European Researchers’ Night in Podgorica, he initially presented his invention – the Nikšić Turbine. After additional improvements, the invention was presented at the Global Investment Forum Cyprus – GIF 2023. The turbine was declared the best among 200 presented projects from 25 countries and was awarded a gold medal. Additionally, it also received a Grand Prix. This award boosted the invention’s value and facilitated the creation of a team for its implementation.

Mr Krivokapić says that the inspiration for the idea came from the solutions given to us by nature. Explaining what makes his solution more successful than conventional wind turbines, he said that the current design is not in harmony with nature. Namely, the position of the turbines fights against the wind instead of surrendering to it and using its power.

“Nature offers us the best and simplest solutions, like the position of a bird’s wings during flight“, Mr Krivokapić explains.


He adds that the propeller design he created mimics precisely the position of the bird’s wings in flight because birds move best through the air. The famous Archimedes’ quote – “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world“ – was his guideline. The lever plays a vital role in Mr Krivokapić’s project, as he explains, in layman’s terms, how energy is generated using this technology.

“A bird’s wing is shaped in a way that it accepts the wind’s resistance instead of going against it, and the power is generated thanks to the lever, i.e. when we place the shaft on the levers, thanks to wind force, we generate the movement of a circular circuit. This is how the best utilization of its is achieved, in addition to its greatest efficiency“, he says, adding that once power is generated, it can easily be transformed into speed.

Applying such a solution would enhance environmental protection, taking into account that it has the potential to produce three times more electricity than conventional wind turbines. More precisely, one windmill currently produces about 2.4MW of electricity, while his solution could produce up to 8MW. Regarding finances, construction will require almost two times less funds.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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