Photo: Courtesy of Alisa Papadimitriou

Luxen Solar’s solar panels are top-quality, reliable products with longer warranties than standard, with exceptional performance that enables a faster return on investment while providing energy security by producing clean energy. Alisa Papadimitriou, Business Development Director for Europe, spoke with Energy Portal Magazine about Luxen Solar.

Q: When was Luxen Solar founded and which markets do you operate in?

A: Luxen Solar was founded in Spain in 2005. Its name comes from the word “lux” which means light and the word “energy”, which, in our case, is energy from sunlight. We opened the first production facility in 2011, which has been fully automated since 2015. Today, Luxen Solar EUROPE is headquartered in Austria and we are currently building a second zero-emission production plant, where we will produce solar panels using new revolutionary technologies. Our main market is Europe, but we also sell our products in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Q: What are the company’s best-selling products?

A: In our product range we have solar panels for residential, industrial and commercial buildings and utility-scale projects. These include standard, bifacial and all-black modules.

The best-selling products at the moment are the 430 Wp TOPCon and the 575 Wp TOPCon. In bifacial version, solar panels have 15 per cent more bifaciality, which is higher than conventional ones, are smaller in surface area, but are more efficient per m2 compared to the current mono-perc technology. For example, our 630 Wp TOPCon module is by 9 Wp more efficient per m2 than conventional 670 Wp mono perc. One may look at the numbers and think 630 is less efficient than 670, but it’s efficiency per m2 that matters.


Our TOPCon solar panels can produce up to 2 h more per day due to exceptional performance in low light conditions. Our TOPCon modules can withstand a snow load of 6200 Pa and 4200 Pa of wind load and also a 30mm hail ball at a speed of 23,9 m/s, which are exceptional results in comparison to the standard on the market (5400/2400 Pa and 25mm at 23 m/s speed).

Q: What are the advantages of Luxen Solar panels?

Photo: Luxen Solar

A: Luxen Solar has around two decades of experience in solar panel research and development. We always follow the latest trends in the industry and our efforts and work are recognized. We are the winners of more than 15 prestigious awards, among others, as one of the most innovative and influential brands in the solar industry.

We constantly monitor developments in solar energy and strive to offer our customers the latest technology and thus be safe and reliable partners. Outdated technologies cannot provide the desired performance, while advanced technology is very expensive, both of which, in their own way, slow down the return on investment. Luxen Solar has found the golden mean – we provide customers with a faster return on investment with affordable and innovative technology with best cost-benefit analysis.

Q: Could you tell us about your business model?

A: The Luxen Solar Company has a clear goal to achieve long-term partnerships in every country in which it operates. We establish these partnerships with companies that share the same vision and passion for cutting-edge technology and at the same time want a reliable, stable and honest partner who can help them develop and advance in business. We are here to offer them 24/7 support, the most innovative technology, exceptional products with better characteristics than the conventional products on the market, and last but not least, loyalty.

Interviewed by: Milica Radičević

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