To Help Serbia Switch To Circular Economy Faster

Photo: Dobrica Mitrović, Nordic Business Alliance

Nordic Business Alliance is a business association founded with a goal to gather and integrate the Nordic business community in Serbia. Its members are Nordic companies doing business in Serbia, as well as domestic companies whose goal is to make business connections with companies in the Nordic Region. Besides business networking, the members of the Alliance would also like to promote and integrate Nordic values into their conduct of business as well as in wider civil activities.

“Based on Nordic values, and above all conscientious and sustainable way of doing business, transparency, innovation, social responsibility, solidarity, and environmental protection, our vision is to become a productive and relevant platform whose actions are to impact the improvement of business ambiance in Serbia and the society as a whole,” says Iva Petrović, NPA CEO.

Having four Nordic embassies as patrons – namely, of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden – NPA is implementing globally relevant agendas in Serbia, and at the same time has a direct approach and visibility in key shareholders, including highest state officials.

 “Outside of Serbia, we are connected with experts and relevant institutions from the Nordic Region. In the future, we plan to expand our membership and activities to the entire Western Balkans. Through projects and cooperation with other NGOs, our wish is to keep influencing the creation of policies that are important for the European future of our country,” our interlocutor adds.

Since 2009, when Nordic Business Alliance was founded, economic prosperity and positive changes in the Serbian business ecosystem have been very inspiring, Petrović highlights. Today, an innovation-based economy is the biggest starter of new economic growth, and digital transformation is the absolute and necessary condition for relevance. The shift is also visible, she adds, in terms of environmental protection in creating the value chain, but there is also immense room for improvement.

“Project directed towards the importance of sustainable development, in the widest sense, will be the outline of our plans for the future. The circular economy is a project that will, in years to come, definitely serve as an inspiration and a platform for sharing positive examples from the Nordic countries, while simultaneously our member companies, as leaders in their industries, are greatly inspired to enrich innovations in sectors that, above all, contribute to community progress and life quality. Health tech is certainly one of them,” NPA CEO says.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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Translator Vesna Savić