Vineyards and Solar Panels Sunbathing on Fruska Gora

Visualization: Slobodan Jovic

Even though California and Vojvodina are miles apart, they have at least one similarity – a Silicon Valley.

T he Silicon Valley in California was named after developed high-tech industry in this American region. Its “godfather” was the fact that the base chemical element that is used for producing chips is silicon. This element is used for producing solar panels as well. After the panels are put on the roofs of the houses in the district “Solar Valley”, will the amount of silicon per square meter be bigger on our or their side of Atlantic?

Bathed in sun rays, the “Solar Valley”, a closed type settlement, is located in Miseluk, a city part of Novi Sad on the Danube riverbank that belongs to the Srem district. The project is being

Photo: Igor Dzolev

developed by the company “Termoinzenjering”. The first phase has already been completed, and ten families have found the roof above their heads.

The location, energy efficiency, renewable energy, bio gardens and green rooftops, shared space for the inhabitants of the settlement, professional management, central floor heating, technical maintenance service… Thanks to its many unusual characteristics, the “Solar Valley” is an ideal residential solution for different people.

Could you imagine that a surplus of several hundred euros per year remains in your wallet because your house is designed to save energy? It is not difficult, especially if you know that such homes were built in the “Solar Valley”.

Heating, cooling and preparation of sanitary hot water are done by using eco-friendly clean energy sources – solar collectors and heat pumps. Houses have B-class energy efficiency labels.

“Termo-inzenjering” does not leave its customers at the moment when they give them the keys of the new home. The price of the heat comfort includes the system maintenance service which covers customary service, replacement of spare parts and equipment after expiration and maintenance of sub-station and external installations.

Photo: Igor Dzolev

In addition to high energy comfort, the stimuli for interested clients are the overall concept of the settlement, high-quality materials, the way of construction, modern aesthetics and functional organisation. The inhabitants of the “Solar Valley” can entertain themselves and do sports in the gym and other open-air areas and stretch in the yoga centre. Those who want to grow their food have biogardens at their disposal. Plots for rent are equipped with a central irrigation system and are located in the domains of the settlement with the highest level of insolation. The rest of the bio-gardens that are not in the process of renting will be managed by the settlement administration as well as other green areas.

“Some people find themselves in one aspect of the project, some in another, but everyone, according to their priorities, could find something that would be appealing to them. The resort is only 5 minutes’ drive from Liman, University and Strand – the city beach and some minutes longer from the city centre. Customers are additionally attracted to peace, privacy, natural environment and provided parking spaces because there are less and less of them in the city”, said Nikola Dzolev, one of the project’s initiators.

Read the whole article in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine on CLEAN ENERGY, December 2018. – February 2019. 

Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic