Waiting for a Good Wind to Come

Photo: Timon Tamas

Centre for energy efficiency and sustainable development – CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION as the company devoted to the development of projects, implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources in the Balkans, became a partner to Elektroprivreda Srbija (EPS) in construction of the “Kostolac” wind farm.

In the plain Stig, in Eastern Serbia, there are thermal power plants and coal mines, so fossil fuels in this region will get a “clean” alternative in the form of wind turbine towers.

A project to build a 66 MW wind farm is underway in Kostolac. The idea is that the plant supplies about 30 thousand homes with electricity.

The German Development Bank KfW secured a 80 million euros loan. The leading investor Elektroprivreda Srbije invests 15 billion euros from their resources.

The project is divided into two tenders. The first one is focused on wind turbines, foundations and electrical works and the other project is all about construction works, internal roads, connections to state roads and their design and construction.

The “Kostolac” wind farm consists of 20 wind turbine towers arranged in 4 unities: Drmno, Petka, Cirikovac and Klenovnik.

The plan includes the construction of a transformer station 35/110 kV and an administrative building. There are two parts of the transformer station, one for the power plant and the other for the connection of the power plant.

The wind is not the only renewable source in the plan of Elektroprivreda Srbije – it is also planned to build a solar power plant with the installed capacity of 9.9 MW in Petka.

The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure issued the building permit for the wind farm in February 2019.

The wind farm “Kostolac” connects to the electricity transmission system which belongs to “Elektromreza Srbije”.

The contract for designing the wind farm was signed between the investor Elektroprivreda Srbije in October 2017 in cooperation with the consortium leader CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION, Masinoprojekt Kopring, The Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade, IMP-Automatik, Geomehanika, KFG, NDC.

The wind farm “Kostolac” is one of the projects of national importance. Of course, the primary objective is to reduce environmental pollution, since the use of coal will significantly be reduced, and the use of clean wind energy will be increased.

This project will also contribute to the involvement of local businesses. Consequently, this will lead to an increase in employment and the development of the economy of the city and the surrounding.