WWF to Croatian Members of EP: Vote Down the “Fake Green” Taxonomy

Photo: Kilian Karger

In a few weeks’ time, the EU could classify nuclear power and fossil gas as ‘sustainable’. More specifically, the EU is about to sign off on a list of “green” investments as part of its new investment guidebook, the EU Taxonomy. As a consequence, billions of euros will be diverted away from wind, solar, and other green technologies, increasing people’s already skyrocketing gas bills.

WWF and other environmental organizations consider that decision extremely dangerous. We have launched the campaign #StopFakeGreen that urges Members of the European Parliament to vote down this greenwashed list. High emissions from fossil gas and the waste produced by nuclear power that can remain radioactive for thousands of years, which cannot be seen as sustainable.

“Gas is driving an inflation crisis in Europe. So why is the EU adding fuel to the fire by promoting new gas as a ‘sustainable’ investment, thereby boosting its use even further? Today, energy from renewables is far cheaper than from gas, so households energy bills will benefit from a faster transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy, rather than a push of outdated and polluting technologies”, said Nataša Kaulauz, CEO of WWF Adria.

Today, MEPs in the Environment and Economic Affairs committees have rejected the classification of fossil gas and nuclear power as environmentally sustainable under the EU Taxonomy.

“That is a great first step! The final vote is scheduled for the European Parliament plenary session in the first week of July. If MEPs fail to reject the greenwashed Taxonomy, it will pass into EU law. That would mean a climate and financial catastrophe for us and our planet”, concludes Kalauz.

Source: WWF Adria