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Electromobility in Serbia has reached a new level, as shown by the latest data that the number of registered electric cars has increased significantly compared to last year, by as much as 20 per cent. More electric vehicles on the streets also create a greater need for chargers. The leaders of the company Charge&GO realized in time that it was necessary to expand the network of chargers for electric vehicles along with a new application, making the chargers easier to find.There are 68 chargers located on the Charge&GO network throughout Serbia.

– Drivers of electric vehicles can already use our fast charger, located within the Beograd shopping center BIG FASHION on Karaburma, and whose power is 120 kW. When they head towards Inđija or Vršac, they can stop by the BIG shopping centers in Nova Pazova or Pančevo and recharge their batteries there. The charger in Pazova has a power of 50 kW, and in Pančevo, it has a power of 60 kW. We expect a further and intensive expansion of the network, and soon we will put chargers into operation in the BIG shopping centers in Novi Sad and Rakovica in Beograd, as well as in the BIG FASHION Outlet in Inđija. I want to point out that two chargers are already working as part of the NCR in Novi Beograd, which has improved the offer and availability of chargers in this municipality. Every charger we put into operation is important for our users, and we are constantly looking for new locations where drivers of electric vehicles will be able to take a break and charge their vehicles at ultra-fast chargers – explains Tamara Zjačić, the company’s deputy director. Information was recently published that the European Union adopted a decision by which a charger for electric cars will be placed on every 60 kilometers of the highway by 2026. When asked how far we have come with the development of the charging infrastructure along the highways, Tamara tells us that there will be more and more charging stations on the main road routes and that the offer will be completed by new charging stations at OMV pumps and other locations that are close to the key road.


– The plan is to soon put the charger into operation at the OMV pumps in Zemun, Ada Ciganlija and Zaječar. The charger in Zemun, with a power of 240 kW, will be the strongest ultra-fast charger in the Charge&GO network. Since it is placed in a very busy place, we believe that it will contribute to the ease and comfort of driving an electric car – emphasizes Zjačić.

In mid-October, Mladenovac received its first ultra-fast charger with a power of 150 kW. The location where this charger is located is only 10 minutes away from the highway.

– This is a significant project for us because there are no chargers in this part of Serbia, so it will make it much easier for drivers, both local and foreign, to charge their vehicles near the highway – she says, adding that negotiations are currently underway and for several new locations in Beograd for ultra-fast chargers that should be at the service of drivers by the end of the year.

New application

Photo: Charge&GO

The company Charge&GO has prepared a new application, which is available for IOS and Android phones, within which it is possible to see the network of chargers throughout the country and Europe.

– To expand to other markets, we have created a multilingual and multi-currency platform that supports different regulations in individual markets. Thus, clients will not have to change applications when moving from one country to another but will use only one, ours, which is easy to manage and complies with all regulations in each market where we offer the service – adds Tamara Zjačić.

Clients with their electric vehicles can travel around Europe and use the application without any problems because it integrates the largest European e-roaming platform with a list of more than 400,000 chargers.

The registered user, by simply checking his account in the application, has an overview of the entire overview – payment, account, charging session and the like. For registered users, the most important benefit is that they have a lower charging price for all chargers in the Charge&GO network.

The system is fully user-friendly, and whenever the user is at the charger and cannot start charging, they can call customer support and get the help they need. – We have customer support that is available every day, and we also have a technical support team that specializes in maintenance and service of the charging infrastructure – emphasizes Tamara.

The company Charge&GO has big plans, and they are focused on expanding the network in regional markets so that by the end of next year, they will install and integrate 70 more ultra-fast chargers on the platform.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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