EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia

Photo: Promo

The EU for Natura 2000 project has reached the end of its implementation. After two and a half years, numerous results and products have been achieved.

The “EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia” project started in May 2019, with the aim to support establishment of the Natura 2000 network. This network is a crucial instrument for biodiversity protection in the European Union, an ecological network of protected areas that are established to secure the survival of the most valuable species and habitats, promoting the protection of numerous ecosystems and ensuring that European nature systems stay healthy and resilient. It is based on the Birds and Habitat Directives, and its implementation is one of the requirements for the accession to the European Union.

Nature protection is an essential topic for Serbia, as a part of the negotiation process for the accession to the European Union, related to the implementation of Chapter 27 dedicated to environmental protection and climate change. From 2015, the European Union has donated more than 3.5 milion EUR for establishment of Natura 2000 in Serbia.

Follow the “Natura 2000 site at EU za Tebe”, as well as the website Natura 2000 for further information.

Source: Natura 2000