Environmental responsibility has become a guiding idea for companies whose developed awareness allows them to see the bigger picture of their business. And it extends beyond the boundaries of the quality of the products or services and the company’s profit. The inclusion of renewable energy sources in business is an indicator of responsible behavior towards the current energy crisis in the world, the needs of one’s country, but also the environment through the preservation of non-renewable energy sources, the use of which impairs the health of the planet.

The STOP SHOP company, as one of the leading brands of the IMMOFINANZ company, which is the largest operator of retail parks in Central and Eastern Europe, has recognized the importance of caring for the environment, including environmental responsibility through the use of solar energy as the guiding principle of its business. The design was entrusted to the CEEFOR company, and as a pilot project in the retail park 2 in Požarevac, on the roof of the STOP SHOP facility, a solar power plant with a power of 989.74 kWp was built. The power plant includes 2,414 monocrystalline solar panels of the brand Luxor Solar LX410M/182-108+, with a power of 410 Wp.

AC distribution cabinets are an indispensable part. It was decided to use the Fronius monitoring system and smart meters, necessary additional equipment that allows the solar power plant to be maximally efficient.

The CEEFOR company pays special attention to always using only the best and highest quality products on the market. So, for this solar power plant, they chose inverters produced by Fronius, which are known to be among the highest quality on the market. Forty-six inverters of different power are installed on the roof of this retail park. The roof surface of this building required the installation of a D-Dome construction manufactured by K2 Systems. The annual production of the power plant is expected to be 1,140 MWh, while the carbon dioxide savings will reach about 530,000 kg.


This entire project was entrusted to Bojan Jovanović, a young electrical engineer who is part of the CEEFOR company team. Thanks to his previous involvement in similar projects, all the obstacles he encountered during the development of the solution for this solar power plant were quickly and easily removed, and the client was offered the best solution.

“Designing the solar power plant at the STOP SHOP facility in Požarevac was very interesting for me as an engineer. The facility has over 25 measuring points at low voltage and one common measurement at medium voltage. In order to simplify the procedure, we decided to make one power plant that will be connected to medium voltage. The specific thing is that we had to evenly distribute all the energy obtained from the solar power plant to each measuring point. We did this by distributing the electricity obtained from the solar power plant as a percentage in proportion to the consumption of each measuring point. My colleagues and I believe this is the best solution for this kind of facility,” said Bojan.

Apart from Požarevac, work is currently underway on designing 13 more power plants on the roofs of STOP SHOP facilities throughout Serbia. Most of the buildings will be equipped with power plants of similar power as in Požarevac, while two locations will have higher power. At all locations where solar power plants will be installed, Luxor Solar brand solar panels with individual panel power of 545, the latest generation, are planned. Also, a D-Dome-type structure manufactured by K2 Systems will be installed on all other buildings. The total power of all power plants will be able to cover, on average, between 60 and 70 per cent of the electricity used.

“In the coming period, we plan to install photovoltaic plants in all our facilities and ensure that STOP SHOP retail parks produce green energy, all in cooperation with the CEEFOR company. Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy, and accordingly, we will continue to expand our services towards a clean and sustainable future,” says Maja Marić, regional operations manager and leader of the Belgrade office within CPI Property Group.

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR) has been successfully operating for more than a decade in the field of developing sustainable projects and energy efficiency in the Balkan region. It offers its clients consulting and design services in renewable energy sources. The company’s professional team is ready to answer all client requests and questions.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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