Photo: Courtesy of Goran Ergić

Warm, functional, and well-designed homes, usually of small square footage and made of environmentally friendly materials, are becoming a must for people who strive for a sustainable lifestyle. Mobile homes, which provide a special sense of freedom and a certain degree of flexibility, are increasingly being made from shipping containers. Thanks to the idea and skilled hands of Goran Ergić, containers that are no longer in use become ideal places for workspace, rest or home and can also be excellent data centers, control units, data storage units, and rooms for aggregates.

Interest in different types of architecture and construction using the existing potential that incorporates environmental protection has always appealed to Goran. He got the idea to breathe new life into containers that had already served their lifespan during an annual vacation a few years ago. That’s when he bought the first container and started the restoration, which lasted a little longer than he imagined. During that time, the idea to create Container Home Solutions and work under the Avala Home brand was born. Initially, he carried out all the work in the family house’s yard, while today, he has a small production hall.


Mobility and long life

Photo: Courtesy of Goran Ergić

Shipping containers are made of COR-TEN steel, one of the best steel alloys. It practically means that, with minimal maintenance, container houses can last up to 70 years. Furthermore, they are mobile and completely different from standard prefabricated houses. During the renovation, closed-cell polyurethane insulation is used for insulation, three times better than standard stone wool insulation and is one of the best in the market.

Goran pays special attention to energy efficiency, which he achieves by using three-layer glass with seven-chamber profiles that enable additional thermal protection. Also, all windows and doors are sliding, while utmost attention is paid to making maximum use of the space. Goran underlines that he always uses materials that are of top quality to make the building durable. All materials used for the renovation of containers must have an eco-label. The adaptation of shipping containers is an entirely modular construction system. From day one, the buyer can participate in drafting relevant plans and choosing the facility’s appearance. Goran points out that the design is very precise and that the main goal is to make maximum use of the space. A significant advantage of these containers is the possibility of combining several units and a wide choice of materials. In the end, the customers get a unique, functional, turnkey solution made according to their wishes.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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