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Supporters of the greening of the transport sector are trying to spend as little time as possible holding steering wheels. That is why they walk, ride bikes, use public transportation, or ride in electric vehicles. Electric cars, as silently as the engines that drive them run, are conquering the streets of many cities. In order to make getting around by using electricity feasible, the increase in the number of such vehicles should be accompanied by the development of charging infrastructure.

Photo: Energetski portal

One of the first companies in the Serbian market to respond to the call for a singular electrical revolution, and made a step towards the future was Belgrade-based company MT-KOMEX. On its website, you will find answers to questions such as: “Which electric charger is right for my home?”, “How do I choose an electric charger that meets my business requirements?”, or “Where in Serbia and region I could charge my car?”.

Home and public EV chargers offer

In the store on the website, there are 12 home and 17 public chargers, ideal for installation in parking lots, gas stations, shopping and business centres, highways and corridors, and in private parking.

The available electric chargers for your home range from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, and those for commercial use range from 7 kW to 50 kW. They can be wall-mounted and floorm standing.

When it comes to charging speed, their current offerings include medium speed and fast chargers, but the company announced that it would soon expand its store with ultra-fast ones that would be able to charge renowned Tesla cars in 5 to 10 minutes.

The sale is ongoing, so, you can get some EV chargers at a discounted price.

The business portfolio of experts from this website is based on years of experience, during which they have installed more than a hundred chargers. Take the opportunity to “tailor” the charging station according to your needs and capabilities with them!

Before you, they were approached with the same request by Hyundai, Ada Shopping Center, British Motors, ABB, IKEA, ZF, Hilton Hotel, Obilicev venac and Pionirski park public garages and many others.

In the parking lot of the Hyundai auto dealer in Belgrade, ABB’s model from was recently put into operation. Installers put the power of the device to the test. The charger successfully passed it after only 15 minutes of work – it took that much time for the car to prepare for the journey with full battery capacity. If this result does not seem fascinating to you, put it in a comparative perspective! What percentage of your mobile phone’s battery is charged in a quarter of an hour? Much less than 100 per cent, right?

Considering the fact that as many as 16 ABB chargers, 22 kW each, have been installed in the garage of capital’s Ada shopping mall, you are sure that at Radnicka 9 you will have a place to charge your four-wheeler.

Photo: Energetski portal/Zana Sisic

At Zrenjanin road, in the British Motors branch, ABB model of 50 kW is expecting the drivers of electric vehicles.

In case that you started travelling in an electric vehicle on the highway E-75 towards central and south Serbia, and potentially further towards Greece, it will do you good that you know that department store IKEA purchased two Schneider Electric chargers at the online store and installed them at its parking.

MT-KOMEX has combined its two fields of activity, renewable energy and electromobility, at the factory of the auto parts manufacturer ZF in Pancevo under the roof of the solar canopy. Seventy-two canopy panels form a small solar power plant with a total power of 19.44 kW. It produces electricity to power three electric chargers, and for ZF’s consumption.

Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic

This article was published in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine  GRINNOVATIONS, December 2019 – February 2020.