Limit on Prices of Petroleum Products, Basic Foodstuffs Extended

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

The Serbian government adopted the Decree on Limitation of Prices of Petroleum Products, which refers to Euro-Diesel and Euro-Premium BMB 95, which is extended for the next 30 days.

The government made this decision taking into account the current situation with the price of crude oil on the world market, which negatively affects macroeconomic stability of the country, and with the aim of regularly supplying the market with petroleum products, preserving the living standards of citizens, as well as preserving economic stability.

An amended Regulation on the mandatory production and sale of bread was adopted, which limits the price of bread made from T-500 flour and the margin on other types of this foodstuff.

Bearing in mind that the market is still unstable, it was necessary to extend the period of validity of price restrictions by another 30 days in order to prevent major disturbances and preserve the living standards of the population.

An amended Regulation on limiting the price of basic foodstuffs – UHT milk with 2.8 percent milk fat in a one-litre package and the producer and retail price of white crystal sugar, which will be valid until 30 September this year was adopted.

The maximum retail price of UHT milk with 2.8 percent milk fat in a one-litre package must not exceed RSD 119.99, and the previous price was RSD 113.99.

The maximum retail price of white crystal sugar, in all packages, must not exceed RSD 102.99 per kilogram.

The maximum producer price of white crystal sugar in packages of one kilogram, five and 10 kilograms must not exceed RSD 85.11 per kilogram, while the maximum producer price of white crystal sugar for all other packages must not exceed RSD 93.63 per kilogram.

The Serbian government adopted this Regulation in order to protect the market, that is, to prevent deformations in the formation of the prices of the above-mentioned goods, which are extremely important for the supply of consumers, especially the underprivileged.

The correction of the price of milk and white crystal sugar was necessary considering that there was an increase in the prices of raw materials, which will not affect the traders of these foods, since the margins remained at the same level, and when it comes to consumers, the increase in prices will not significantly affect their standard of living.

A bigger problem at the moment would be the shortage of basic foodstuffs, which would happen if prices were to remain at a level that does not cover business costs.

 Source: The Government of the Republic of Serbia