London to Create ‘World’s Most Advanced’ Air Quality Monitoring Network

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced the launch of what is claimed to be the world’s most advanced and comprehensive air quality monitoring network.

Photo: EP

The city is collaborating with Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDFE) and Google Earth Outreach for the Breathe London project, which will use a range of fixed and mobile sensors to build a real-time, hyperlocal image of the capital’s air quality.

They have equipped two of their Street View cars with air quality sensors, which will take pollution readings approximately every 30 metres at tens of thousands of locations across London.

A total of 100 fixed sensor pods will be mounted on lampposts and buildings close to known air quality hotspots and sensitive locations such as schools and nurseries.

The data, which will be available for public access, will provide “an unprecedented level of detail” about London’s air quality crisis and deliver new insight into the sources of pollution.

The project, devised by City Hall and the C40 Cities, is being delivered by a consortium led by EDFE and funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

Mr Khan said: “London’s filthy air is a public health crisis that leads to thousands of premature deaths in the capital every year as well as stunting the development of young lungs and increasing cases of respiratory illness. An issue this large and complex requires bold and innovative action so I’m proud that we’re leading the world in establishing this new monitoring network – allowing Londoners to see the levels of pollution at a local level. This real-time data will also help us learn more about London’s toxic air and help us to put the right policies in place to continue our clean-up efforts.”

Source: Energy Live News