Number 29 – May 2023

    Focus topics: environmental protection

    This time I will skip the usual announcement of our new texts and share what I have been thinking about these days.

    It is not easy to understand all the changes happening in our environment, society, and the world. We can only have a certain influence on a small part of those events; everything else is completely out of our reach. However, this does not mean that I want to spread any despondency. On the contrary. I believe it becomes even more important how we relate to everything that happens around us. Maintaining calmness and clarity of thought is difficult when most information serves almost exclusively to unsettle us. It is very difficult not to allow that special type of pollution not to spill over into our personal lives and the people in the immediate environment.

    That is exactly why I want to emphasize the importance of understanding and supporting individuals and organizations trying to bring good changes to our society. Considering the determination of our editorial staff towards green topics, we try to write about those dedicated people who, through their involvement, change our attitude towards resources, nature and, finally, the whole community. Therefore, instead of recommending what you must read in the new issue of the magazine you have opened, I suggest you pay attention to where your thoughts go while reading the following texts.

    Do you think about what our interlocutors faced when trying to design a new ecological product, introduce a new, more efficient way of working or send an appeal to the public to preserve rivers, resources, and clean air? If you didn’t consider this before, try to look at the time, effort, and personal resources they invested, especially all the possible resistances, so characteristic and unnecessary, that they had to overcome. The least we can do is respect their efforts and noble cause. Everything starts from that. That’s where the difference is made. The prerequisite for any development is appreciation. 

    Let it be a new angle of reading and observation.