Number 30 – June 2023


    Many are already on their way or are getting ready to pack their bags and go on a well-deserved vacation. Although it seems that during the summer, we worry less about energy consumption and the upcoming heating season, the year behind us and the energy crisis that hit us all show us that a safe electricity supply is a priority. That’s why we dedicated this issue to renewable energy sources and how to achieve energy independence. 

    We talked about the changes brought by the amendments to the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and the preparation of the first auctions with Rade Mrdak, advisor to the Minister of Mining and Energy for green energy. 

    You will find out how the countries of the region plan to overcome the energy crisis and become energy independent. Ambassador of Croatia in Serbia, Hidajet Biščević, talks about the country’s goals and how they want to achieve more than 2,500 new MW of installed power from renewable energy sources. There is also an interview with Nikola Rovčanin, executive director of EPCG, who reveals everything about the Solari project and the benefits of investing in renewable sources. 

    Speaking of solar energy, in this issue, you can read an article about the company MT-KOMEX, which expanded its operations and founded a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read how they plan to deal with the challenges brought by the new market.

    In the Opinion section, you will read what Professor of Electrical Engineering Milenko Đurić, PhD, thinks about renewable energy sources and how the state should help develop and encourage the electricity industry to build medium voltage transmission lines and the necessary transformer stations.

    As you are used to, inspiring stories await you in the section People and Challenges. Tatjana Živković proudly holds the title of master of umbrellas and tells us what it looks like to keep this craft from being forgotten. There is also a story about the use of industrial waste and how to make ecological candles with a specific scent. 

    We hope you will enjoy reading this issue of the magazine. As always, we did our best to bring you current topics and interesting stories.